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White's Wayside - Free (Churchville)

White's Wayside
Price: Free
Address: Churchville, Virginia , United States
Business Address1: 2175 Hankey Mountain Hwy Churchville, VA 24421
Date Posted: May 01 2022
This establishment has been a part of our community since 1929 when Mary Eavers White started selling her now-famous WhiteWay bread. With her husband, George Franklin White (and four children), the Whites lived upstairs and called their business, “White Way Lunch.” Along with the bread, they sold homemade ice cream, pies, and sandwiches to the cattle/turkey drivers, CCC workers, neighbors, hunters and travelers who passed by on Route 250. At the time, the farm was many acres, stretching past the historic Buckhorn Inn. The Whites used homegrown produce, dairy and meats from their farm. It was by all means, a family enterprise.

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